Commission your own painting or mural

You want to bring a memory to life

You want a painting that recreates a moment, to breathe life into a story of you or your family

There's a space in your home that feels a little empty and needs something justttt right

Tell me if this sounds just like you...

Every single piece I create bears an honest reflection of my soul, inviting others to also embark on their own transformative experiences. With a commissioned piece, you have true freedom to help your vision come to life. May it ignite a spark of life and love within every beholder, leaving an imprint on your heart.

I offer original paintings, limited edition prints, commissions and murals.


PLEASE NOTE THAT I ONLY take on a handful of commissions per quarter. 

I truly love getting to work closely with clients on privately commissioned pieces. It’s a genius solution for those wanting a unique and memorable piece to suit their space.

Before I take on any creative project, I like to have a chat with my clients. We can do this over the phone, on Zoom, or even meet in person if that works best for you. I really want to hear about your ideas and what you're looking for. If it's something that aligns with my skills and artistic vision, and I can have a bit of creative freedom in the process, I'm all in!

However, it's worth mentioning that I can't accept every commission request. There are various reasons for this, but just know that I'm always honest about what I can and can't do.

One rule I always stick to is that I won't replicate or imitate another artist's work. No exceptions on that one!


Let's begin!

I'm pretty flexible when it comes to the size of commissioned pieces. I can whip up a frame for just about any canvas size you fancy. 

When we're ready to get going, there's a couple of things you'll need to do. First, you'll need to sign a contract – just a little formality to keep everything on the up-and-up. And second, a 50% deposit is needed before I dive into any paint. 


Once I've got that contract signed and a delightful 50% deposit in the bank, I'm all fired up to create a rough sketch of our composition! We'll fine-tune it until it's just right, and then I'm off to the races with the painting. 

During the process, you'll be getting updates along the way with progress pictures. And when it's all said and done, I'll send you a final image for your A-OK on.

Now, here's the fun part – I'm all for collaboration, so I'll gladly allow one small revision if it's needed and sticks to our original design. But if you've got more changes in mind after that, we'll need to chat about a little extra oomph in the budget.


Once we're both over the moon 'cause you've given the nod of approval, it's time for me to put those final touches that make your piece extra special. I'll sign it with a little Texas charm, seal the painting up, and add details about the piece on the back.

After the sealer has had its sweet time to set, your artwork is all set to head to your doorstep. Now, if we're talking about pieces larger than 48 inches, I'll send 'em your way all rolled up snug as a bug in a rug in a tube, without the stretcher bars. But for all the pieces, they'll be shipped fully stretched and ready to find a cozy spot in your home.


Ready to begin?



She has crafted a masterpiece that effortlessly draws attention and evokes admiration from anyone who enters my home.

C. HERSHEY - 2023

I had the privilege of receiving an exceptional art piece by Christen Horner. It has become the centerpiece of my living space. With her undeniable talent, professionalism and ability to capture the hearts of everyone who views her pieces, she has crafted a masterpiece that effortlessly draws attention and evokes admiration from anyone who enters my home. I couldn’t be happier!

She breathes life into her masterpieces just like she breathes life into everyone that crosses her path.

K. Neff - 2023

I knew when I decided to commission a piece for my parents 50th wedding anniversary, Christen was the only choice for me . She breathes life into her masterpieces just like she breathes life into everyone that crosses her path. I have watched Christen unlock her God given talent and flourish. I’m so impressed with her work, but more importantly, moved by the spirit in which she creates each piece. To collect artwork where the artist puts so much of herself into each piece and listens to each client’s story for their vision is admirable and cherished. My family is blessed with this treasure.